Aqib Idrees

Aqib Idrees

Aqib Idrees

Electronic Engineering - Department of Electronics

I’m Aqib Idrees, final year Electronic Engineering student, I’ll be presenting my Intelligent Maze Solving Robotic Vehicle.

The purpose is to create a vehicle which has the capacity to understand and process it’s environment in order to make decisions.
The application for the vehicle is to be deployed as a search bot in to buildings of hazard such as fires, with the potential to be further expanded into the field of bomb disposal.

C written program which incorporates various modes of operation including Maze Solving Mode, Line Following Mode, and RC car.

The system utilises:
– 32 ARM Processor
– DC Motors – With Rotary Encoders
– IR Sensors for path following
– Bluetooth for Communication with MATLAB to plot the travelled maze

Chassis is entirely 3D printed, with a complimentary Printed Circuit Board, all of which are custom tailored.

The project was awarded at the IET Midlands Power Group event in 2017 for use of Control Systems.