Duru Adolphus Chukwunonso

Duru Adolphus Chukwunonso

Duru Adolphus Chukwunonso

Electrical Electronics Engineering - Department of Electronics


I am Adolphus C. Duru (Jnr), a Nigerian Engineer currently running an M.Sc in Electrical Electronics Engineering at Coventry University. I had my Bsc in Combined Engineering (First Class Honors) at Coventry University College, and I am enthusiastic about the flow of Electricity.

For the Coventry Wizards event, I shall be putting up 2 presentations.

1. A Prototype Tesla Coil capable of transmitting Electricity Wirelessly (over Free space). I shall be using a 9 Volts battery so it is entirely safe 🙂

2. An Autonomous Rover vehicle capable of self maneuvering around free space in a room- avoiding obstacles in its path and capable of Temperature sensing.

Watch this Space 🙂