James Vickery

James Vickery

James Vickery

Computer Science (BSc) - Department of Computing

I’m James, currently in my first year studying Computer Science at Coventry University. The degree focuses on practical industry-focused group development, as well as theoretical aspects of the field.

Alongside my degree I work on various projects, many of which can be found on my GitHub – https://github.com/jamesevickery. I have experience working with C#, Python, C++, and Javascript among other languages and technologies.

I recently competed at the Coventry University MLH hackathon where I led a team to develop an SMS (text) service called ‘SOS SMS’, which integrated with web APIs such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google Translate to provide access to such services without requiring an internet connection, where we won an award for best use of web domains; this is the main project I will be presenting.

In the summer between college and university I worked as an intern for Thomson Reuters as part of an Agile development team writing a new web-app (tax.thomsonreuters.com/onvio) in Javascript with AngularJS and .NET C#.


Website: http://jamesvickery.net

GitHub: https://github.com/jamesevickery